console wars – return of the crapulous

long ago, in a galaxy far, far away….

…..just after e3, sony was leading this war, without question. then, the nebulous microsoft jumped back on the ship and decided to emulate sony. decided to bow to their wallets, and to the pre-orders. decided to actually re-join the console wars and compete.

as long as there is video gaming, the console wars will (likely) never end.

in the meantime, we can disect every little everything that comes our way.

let’s face it. microsoft has been dominating the news of the gaming world, with barely a story here or there about ps4 and sony. unfortunately, most all of that news has been bad news. until now.

while i am hoping it is not the case, it seems that a good deal of MS consumers are seeing them as their knight in shining armor….listening to them when they voiced their concerns. swooping down from the microsoft heavens on their valiant stallions, whisking away their worries with a recent announcement that basically said they had heard the masses and were now reversing their prior announcements surrounding drm, 24-hour online check-in, internet requirement and used discs.

with this announcement, they basically edged their way back into the competition, as unfortunately, people have been blinded by microsoft’s (what i consider to be) faux benevolence.

either way, i am eager to see where things are 6 months from know. i am eager to see who is leading sales after the holiday season.

for now, i would like to reiterate what i have said before. microsoft did this for their own benefit, not the consumer. they could give two flips about the consumer. more importantly, everyone out there who is riding the high horse of microsoft’s recent reversal, please consider that if it was this easy for them to flip the switch, it is just as easy for them to flip it back.

have they really regained the trust of their fanbase? or have they lost even more trust?

personally, if i were part of the xbox fan base, i would have to say that i would be feeling that they were less trustworthy at this time. if they truly had a vision that they thought would benefit their customer base, why wouldn’t they stick to their guns? if not, if it was just a half-assed vision of something they would backtrack on, why would they risk the upheaval of their fanbase? is it too little, too late now? or are the fans flocking back in droves?

what do you think?


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