xbox 180?

so, it appears to be official. xbox is doing a complete 180 and eliminating DRM, online check-in and internet requirement.

while part of me thinks that this is wildly hilarious, it saddens me to think of all the people who are thinking, “hell yeah! back to xbox!”

microsoft is a real chump of a company. (as i sit here writing this on a windows-based computer). i kick myself for not having the smarts to develop an entirely new os of my own to replace windows and apple os.

what i do know is this: MS is scrambling in an effort to undo the damage they have done. they have finally woken up and smelled the internets. and uh, yeah, i guess they realized they had really shot themselves in the face.

what i am curious to see is if every xbox turncoat will go running back to their “home”. i hope not. i hope they realize what MS has tried to do here is completely unacceptable.

this 180 (COMPLETE DEPARTURE) from their intended business model is, by no means designed with the customer in mind. and if you think it is you might want to get checked out, STAT!

MS has obviously seen that they are lagging behind PS4 in not only popularity but also initial pre-orders. not to mention the fire that has explosively fueled even the current xbox forums, with scores of their “own” flaming MS for what they originally announced with xbox one, and claiming to jump ship for sony.

that being said, MS is doing this for the betterment of their company. to promote more sales. to try to even the score. and most importantly, to line their already overstuffed pockets.

screw you, microsoft.

*shakes fist*


4 thoughts on “xbox 180?

  1. I am disappointed in MS for doing this. People in rural areas without internet access aren’t as good as me and they don’t deserve to play video games.

    • you are not alone – i am not sure their new and improved 180 attitude can undo what they have already done.

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  3. they wanted to screw the gaming industry for profit and the future of gaming i just hope this kind of shitty ideas does’nt prevail in the for the turncoats be trully fighters until the end that’s how we can slap the tyranny in the face cause if your going back to them all sweets like nothing happened your just being their bitches and the same shitty ideas will be tryed again in the future microsoft needs a hard lesson for their arrogance.hold the line,hasta la victoria siempre

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