the microsoft reversal – success and failure at once?

so, i’ve come down from the rage cloud i was hovering around on earlier, spitting fire and venom; better to discuss with clarity and coherence.

microsoft has done a 180, what i want everyone to marinate on is their reasoning behind it.

it is far too easy to see them as champion of the day, and oh! they listened to us! hark! they heard the gamers of the world! hip hip hooray! the gaming community needs to take a balanced look at what is going on here. and, no matter what, people somewhere, somehow will always complain.

now it begs the question, is this a success, a failure, or both at once?

what do you think? how does this DIRECTLY impact you and the group of people you intend to game with the most?

personally, i see this as a success and a failure all rolled into one at this current moment. things will play out over the next year or so, and we will have a better idea at that time exactly how each console is performing in not only their specific markets, but the gaming market as a whole.

so, why is this reversal of policy a success?

it can be looked at in a myriad of ways. first and foremost, MS appears to have opened their eyes and realized how out of touch their initial policies were with quite a segment of the gaming community. (at least the very vocal gaming community expressing their views on the internet with literally, hundreds of thousands of comments.)

in recognizing this, they have decided to backtrack on their “vision” and tailor it more to the desires that gamers have blasted them with. that being said, the system was clearly designed to be able to adapt to such a change if needed, so that in and of itself prompts the question, if they anticipated this, why didn’t they at least try to make the system a little more user-friendly? were they really daft enough to think everyone would be on board with such outlandish, iron-fist policies?

this reversal goes to show that not only if people collectively speak vocally enough about what they want and/or don’t want, then perhaps that will act as a catalyst for change. moreover, and i think more importantly, is the fact that many people spoke with their wallets, and that forced microsoft to “put their gun away”.

now, why is it a failure?

part and parcel because MS has shown us who they truly are. they have been talking out of both sides of their mouth since they announced xbox one. it has been a flurry of hazy rhetoric, that left no one knowing what precisely they were trying to communicate.

more important than their shapeless answers, is the fact that they were trying to force their loyal fanbase/customer base into purchasing something and agreeing to terms that they were not even tentatively okay with. maybe microsoft was so blinded by their “vision” that they got carried away and didn’t see the big picture. i don’t think that is the case, though. based simply upon the arrogant responses from MS execs, i can’t see it any other way than they thought they were dealing with a mindless, watered down populace that would support them, no matter what.

which leads me to the reason i think this is a failure. while they have re-appealed to the masses, they are doing so for a business purpose. NOT BECAUSE THEY CARE ABOUT YOU. sorry, don’t get all weepy on me, but MS is a multi-billion dollar corporation only looking to vacuum up as many dollar bills, euros, pesos, etc, that they can. they are doing this for the greater good of the company. not the greater good of the consumer.

if they had the consumer’s disposition in mind, they never would have done what they have done this far.

lastly, if the machine is built to go either way, and this is as easy as patching it on the first day, don’t think for one minute that it can’t go back, lickety-split. all they have to do is remotely recode and re-patch it, and there you go. you are back to owning a doorstop. as soon as you agree to their terms of service, which, how many of their users are really going to read in detail? you are agreeing to let them do whatever the hell they want with your $500.

now you tell me, is this a failure? or is this a success? more importantly, WHY?


4 thoughts on “the microsoft reversal – success and failure at once?

  1. I’m concerned that they’ll slip something into the EULA about how the policy on games is subject to change, without the users consent. This isn’t uncommon, and would be a legal loophole for them once they’ve locked in their sales. However, such a move would definitely get publicized and Microsoft’s rep probably wouldn’t recover from it.

    But as you said, they’ve already shown their true colors with the intent they tried to force on gamers, to the point that they insisted on a daily basis that ‘consumers will come to like our terms’, which at this point I honestly think they expected. They think people are so dumb that they’d take a DRM’d console with constant internet connectivity and a built-in camera and not have a second thought. What confuses me is that they had to have been aware how the gaming collective of the internet feels about DRM measures.. and they tried to force it down everyone’s throats anyway. Just shows that someone got far too cocky, and tried to get away with far more than they could actually handle.

    • they have been quite arrogant throughout this entire ordeal.

      even now, they are not saying, “hey guys, sorry we screwed up, we see the error of our ways.” they are more so saying, “hey guys, sorry you weren’t onboard with our vision, here is a concession for you, we will *sigh* give you what you want.”

      i would like to say it is an alarming situation for a company to be so arrogant, but we see it all too much in the marketplace these days.

      i am not sure how much good can come out of this right now.

      so far as a sneaky EULA, i am already banking on that. i would speculate to say about 1 out of 100 people actually even read the EULA before scrolling down and just agreeing. thankfully, a EULA doesn’t always hold up in court. i guess this is a wait-and-see situation right now.

  2. it was a fail for microsoft first they should’nt have the idea because for sure there is a lot of people like me hardforgiving i am x360 owner and when i saw their announcement for the xbox1 i decided that would not be a product for me so i set my mind on an alternative way to play games i’ve waited for the ps4 announcement and there i was finnaly had found what i was looking for and i set my mind again in buying a ps4.conclusion that’s what people should learn think first set a goal go for it,sometimes there is no way around,fortunately for microsoft maybe there is.well i’ve set my goal and im not turning around ps4 all the way but tha’s just me but there is also a lot of people like me

    • thanks for the comment. i hope there are scores like you who see the issue at hand. it seems MS has compromised their integrity for the sake of their wallet. can’t say it is surprising, yet at the same time, i am curious to see if it pans out for them in the way they think that it will.

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