locking the region and locking you out (and you, and YOU!)

it is official, a navy publication has finally castigated the xbox one.

day by day,  it appears microsoft is alienating more and more of their customer base and their fan base. worst of all, microsoft doesn’t seem to care. when queried about their various new restrictive measures, including the concept of being region locked, which directly impacts a demographic such as the military, they are providing nebulous answers and seemingly sweeping it under the rug, dismissive and nonchalant.

realistically, i don’t see how much longer this smoke and mirrors show they are putting on can last.

at e3, MS said they were working on a solution for military people, and now, apparently there is no plan in place to deal with the situation. while deployed military may only account for a small representation of their gaming base, microsoft’s general ignorance in addressing this issue has not gone unnoticed.

microsoft’s continual bad press is good for something: free advertising for ps4.

you can read the full article put out by the navy here:



the above linked article published by the navy times has since been removed from their site. it appears to have been replaced by a new article discussing the reversal of the MS policies. i think this falls into the category of “things that make you go hmmmm”


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