damage control

microsoft has really done quite the number on their consumers. the only problem is that a good portion of their consumers, don’t even know it has happened.

for those who ARE aware, who HAVE been following the interwebs, what can you tell me about how you are feeling. if you still are in the market for an xbox one, why is that?

microsoft has, in my opinion, HISTORICALLY insulted their consumer base with not only the recent announcement, but with the aftermath in general. execs have not have the grace, or apparently, the knowledge to appropriately field queries from the media and the masses.

no internet? MS exec don mattrick says to stick with xbox 360.

don’t like the new format, prior MS exec adam orth says, “just deal with it” (he has since been let go or resigned).

this begs the question, when are other non-informed, ill-spoken MS execs going to be “let go”?

they should mostly be in “damage control” mode right now, yet, i am still hearing the most useless shit coming out of their collective mouths.

MS – seriously. tell us why we need cable TV on your new console. tell us about the digital used game system you have in place. tell use about what steps we will have to take if GOD FORBID, we go more than 24 hours without authenticating.

and MS, tell us now, authentication is in place to “authenticate” that we are who we say were are, and are not, arrrrrgggggghhhhhhh “pirates”, right? land of the free? home of the brave? innocent until proven guilty? have all of those xbox 360 users been taking food right the fuck out of your children’s mouths?

help me in understanding this.

get out here and do some damage control, because uhhhhhh, you are losing fans by the busload. (i would say by the third world county, but, your systems don’t work there, so, you aren’t losing those guys).

and, oh yeah, you don’t read the internet, so apparently you have no interest in damage control.

thanks anyway.


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