the aftermath

as previously referenced, the gaming community has been “up in arms” during and after e3, with thousands of people commenting with rabidity on each given announcement/revelation.

it begs the question, will all of this passionate discourse continue in the coming months as well as after the release of the consoles?

the simple answer, i think, is yes.

it has been made abundantly clear that the community of gamers will continue in expressing their opinions, their grievances, and their praise.

the most curious aspect of this “aftermath” is the various answers and sometimes, “non-answers” that microsoft has been giving about the flash flood of backlash they have been facing after their recent announcements.

let’s take a look a just a couple….

don mattrick: “fortunately we have a product for people who aren’t able to get some form of connectivity, and that’s xbox 360”

i was categorically flummoxed when i heard this. so, let me get this straight, don, you are at e3, promoting your next gen console, and you recommend that people without connectivity use xbox 360? um. yeeeeyah. i don’t really have an appropriate reaction to this, so, if someone out there can assist me, or provide some insight as to why his statement possesses any sort of validity, i am here, i am all eyes.

i’ll touch more on the internet-requirement in a future post, but, had to mention this quote here.

don mattrick again: “we’re over-delivering value” (in reference to the price point announced for xbox one).

again, i am a bit confused. if someone can clear up what value he is referring to, i would be extremely grateful. let’s just confirm, microsoft is forcing a consumer to pay the added cost of the kinect, when most out there (from what i have read) do not want the kinect, and would rather it be an optional accessory. i think that is great news. you are really over-delivering that value there.

anyone: feel free to clarify whatever i am overlooking here. please and thank you.



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