opinions, opinions, everyone has opinions

and i have one, too. (and so do you. and you. AND YOU.) how we express them is unequivocally related to how we are perceived by others. as strong as my opinion may be, i respect all opinions, despite the fact that i might disagree with you (with vitriol). in creating this site, i am looking for positive, intelligent and fiercely cogent perspectives to be brought to the forum. (but i welcome the less fierce and the less cogent).

with opinions, everything is subjective, so, theoretcially no one is wrong, to each their own. but, with facts, there is less of a gray area. personally, i try to fight with facts and not feelings. just another reason i am stepping to the plate in trying to create a functional forum for the gamers of the world to chop up the facts, the feelings, and everything in between.

so here goes nothing.

4 > 1.





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