now you’re e3, now your gone

the conference has come. the conference has gone. while we have next year to look to, this year was pretty epic.

realistically, during the current generation, i have not seen so many wildly emotional comments from such a large number of gamers. of course we are speaking about a community of individuals who are very vocal about their opinions, but i have literally read through thousands of comments on the recent subject matter of e3. (of which represents a small fraction of worldwide gamers, yet it still deserves recognition).

exclusive games, being the highly subjective nature they encompass we will set aside, and simply look at the general content of the two main press conferences of microsoft and sony.

in watching the two conferences in full, it is clear what the response of the crowd was. sony was far more well-received than microsoft. this was obviously due to their handful of announcements that seemingly “trumped” microsoft, as in other categories (exlcusives, etc.) response for both was lukewarm. for many reasons that will further be discussed, sony simply resonated with their audience.

here is the main difference i am seeing. in addition to the fact that the “audience” at e3 seemed to connect more with sony, it is the “audience at home” that i am also seeing that is connecting more with sony. this is clearly due to a number of “principle” matters to the various audiences, but also in part due to the undeniably lacking communication abilities of microsoft (hereby sometimes referred to as MS).

largely, i don’t see a way of debating this. there are so many unanswered questions from MS, it appears to have left their audience reeling.

granted, sony has unanswered questions, too, they answered the “big” ones. and, the “big” ones appear to be what matters most to the gaming community at this time.

there are many months before we might get some closure on the answers we are seeking. in the meantime, let’s debate – what answers are we looking for?


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