microsoft’s “living room as a hub of entertainment”

i get it: they are trying to market their product, their brand. but, realistically, i don’t even know if i can give them an “e for effort” here.

i have heard this phrase being used about xbox one since it was announced, and it still isn’t adding up to me.

anyone: feel free to clarify this for me.

how many halo-playing teenagers do you know that want to share their xbox with the entire family, allowing mom time to stream TV and dad time to follow his epic NFL fantasy football? um, not many? i would speculate that most teens now with a current xbox 360 keep it and play it strictly in their bedrooms.

why is this all of the sudden going to change?

why is all of the sudden everyone in the family going to be engaging in utilizing the console together in the living room?

perhaps what MS is trying to communicate or market is the cable TV aspect of the device.

another aspect i don’t quite see how they are going to play to their advantage. for people that already have cable TV, well, they already have cable TV. they don’t need an xbox one to stream it for them. they certainly don’t need to pay for an xbox live account to stream the cable TV they are already paying for. in addition to this is the fact that cable subscriptions have been waning in recent years with the popularity of streaming content through the likes of netflix and mobile devices. so, tell me:

how is the cable TV functionality of xbox one a benefit?

microsoft has, in my opinion failed to give a clear explanation of this benefit.

and, for those who don’t already have cable TV, my guess is they don’t want it or need it. so, why do they benefit from the xbox one? how has MS sold that demographic on it?


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