24-hour authentication

finally, down to point of one of the requirements of xbox one that has so many people out there squawking.

required 24-hour authentication.

tell me, what do you think?

clearly, right now, i am connected to the internet. i am yammering away into the zeroes and ones of cyberspace. most of the time, i have not one issue with internet connectivity. but, that isn’t to say there are times where one might face an issue with connectivity. let’s take a look at a myriad of meaningful reasons why this could be disastrous for some.

i will preface this by mentioning that almost all “defenders” of this requirement state something to the effect of, “well, this does not affect me, i am always online anyway”….while that is quite possibly true, internet connectivity is not a guarantee to anyone. period. exclamation point.

  • ever move from one location to another, and the cable company is delayed in hooking up your interwebs for whatever reason? sure, you can authenticate on your cell phone, but, without the online connection for your console, can you play your games? nope. looks like it is board-game night!
  • ever imagine being a college student paying all of your own bills and only being able to afford the necessities, getting your internet from wi-fi in places like the library or the student union? xbox one counts you out.
  • ever think of being a college student who opts to travel abroad for your studies, requiring an entire semester’s stay in a foreign country that may or may not be region-blocked, and that may or may not have steady broadband internet? xbox one is probably not for you. or at least not during that semester.
  • ever been forced to go on the family vacation to the cabin where you don’t have internet? can’t take your xbox one, and probably can even authenticate on your phone if you are in the boonies.
  • ever consider going on vacation abroad for a week or two? depending on your cell provider, you may or may not be able to authenticate on your phone.
  • ever been in a hurricane, or a blizzard and lose power and internet? power is going to be the first to come back on as that is a necessity. or, if you are lucky enough to have a generator, power will be restored. internet, not so much of a necessity, it might be a few days before they get it up and running again. so. what to do while you are snowed in for a few days after the storm?
  • ever imagine living in a dorm at college? many educational institutions do not allow for gaming devices to be connected to their dormitory wi-fi. guess you’ll be studying harder than you thought without your xbox one.

additionally, what steps will be required to re-authenticate, once your xbox one has GONE ROGUE and not checked in within 24-hours? will you have to go through a multi-tiered re-authentication to ensure that you are who you say you are? will you have to call into an “authenticate me” hotline, just to have access to all the shit you already paid for? your console? your games? there has been no clarification on this from MS, which is, in my opinion an elemental question regarding their new requirement.

for many, it is not the fact of being connected to the internet, it is the fact that MS is forcing you to be connected. you cannot even play single player games offline. that is some iron-fist craziness right there. in my heyday of logging 400+ hours in skyrim, i went weeks at a time without signing into playstation network. and, that is how it should be. it should be a gamer’s choice whether or not they are signed into whatever network is associated with their console. freedom of choice in the marketplace is crucial; if mcdonald’s began requiring that you to buy a movie ticket whenever you purchased a big mac, my guess is more people would be eating at burger king. while you may feel that is a comparison of apples and oranges, think about it like this: the requirement of the internet is microsoft’s way of making you pay for another product/service (the internet), just to use their product. again, let me decide what i want.

don’t you want to have the freedom to decide what YOU want?


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