some of the facts

as discussed previously, exclusives come down to a matter of pure opinion, so we will save those for later. for now, let’s look at some of the basic factual information that we have thus far about both upcoming consoles:


  • you must have a solid, persistent internet connection in order to authenticate at least once every 24-hours.
  • DRM is pre-programmed into the system, MS clarifying that they will utilize it on their own 1st games and leave it up to the publishers for 3rd party games
  • in congruence with DRM, there may be additional fees/restrictions with used games. particularly 1st party. (e.g. – you want the newest halo second-hand? be prepared to pay additional fees)
  • kinect is required whether you want it or not
  • xbox IS region-locked
  • $499 selling price at launch
  • disc-based as you know it with MS is over – this disc bascially houses a code that rips to the hard drive upon loading – disc not required to play. more on this later.
  • you may NOT replace the internal RAM of the xbox one. (additive memory via USB only)
  • xbox live gold subscribers will continue to pay their $60/year for what is “to be determined” added value
  • if you don’t pay the $60/year xbox live gold fee for membership, you CANNOT access other web-based apps you already pay a monthly fee for, like, netflix. double-dip, much?
  • bonus: you are given a number of extras that you likely already have access to. (cable on your TV, skype on your laptop/PC, and some NFL fantasy <not even real> football bullshit)
  • double bonus: if you are not able to authenticate within 24 hours, you can, rest-assured, STILL WATCH BLU-RAY disc. um. woot? hella woot?
  • triple bonus: if you are unsure of your online stability (or if you live on a submarine) – you can forego the xbox one altogether and make do with the xbox 360 offline device. (i don’t know about you, but it almost sounds like they are urinating on your future grave for being unsophisticated enough to lack the interwebs for 24 whole hours)


  • no DRM on 1st party games, up to the publisher on 3rd party games. (for those of you out there about to start shrieking incoherently, um, please calm down, this is the same as it ever was, so, no need to get rowdy). e.g. – why couldn’t i play battlefield 3 multiplayer without paying for an online pass when i bought used? DEE. ARR. EMM. in short, DRM. (thankfully in mid-may, EA did away with online passes and i can now die in glory every 1.73 minutes in battlefield multiplayer.
  • no 24-hour authentication. period. as in. PERIOD. like this ———> .
  • ps4 “eye” (the camera) is not required. woo.
  • ps4 is not region blocked.
  • $399 selling price at launch.
  • you may replace the internal RAM of the ps4
  • playing a game off of a disc is like, well, playing a game off a disc. meaning, if you are feeling all weepy-eyed and nostalgic 20 years from now and you want to cry into your virtual cornflakes over a new-awakened dominance of killzone: shadow fall, feel freaking free. pop the disc in. play it out. dominate that bitch.
  • no “new” used game restrictions. could use a smidge of clarification, but sounds pretty straightforward, we’ll see what they have to say.
  • while ps4-ers will now have to pay for a ps+ membership to access online multiplayer, it is NOT required for apps like netflix, so you can watch at your leisure without having to pay a secondary fee, and the less-than-five-dollars-per-month cost is more than worth it with the benefits you receive.


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